WKYC Brand Evolution


In September 2019, WKYC launched an innovative brand strategy for local television news and entertainment programming built around the modern consumer.

In February 2022, WKYC put its mission into words.

“What Matters Most” is more than a new brand positioning statement. It’s our commitment to coverage, advocacy, and listening to and serving our audience.

As Brand Manager, I write and produce many of the video advertisements for our brand.

Beyond content and creative, you can find What Matters Most woven into employee programs, recruitment, environment, and community advocacy.

Brand Manifesto

What Matters Most is different for everyone.

Sometimes, What Matters Most is enough to compel change.
For yourself. Your family. Your career. Your health.

What Matters Most is recognizing real problems,
and showing practical solutions.

What Matters Most is shared.
The thrill of a win. The power of truth. The beauty of love.

What Matters Most is not for us to say.
It’s for us to share.


In January 2022, WKYC Studios evolved its brand by introducing the positioning statement, “What Matters Most.” The second phase of this evolution, coinciding with the launch of a new graphics system in August 2022, involved a refresh of news content graphics and a bespoke music package. This refresh intentionally aligns our templates with other TEGNA stations.

I led this project as Brand Manager, working with our Art Director to design new elements and partnering with our Engineering and Production teams, as well as external vendors, to build new templates. I also worked with a composer to craft a strong sonic identity for WKYC extends to all products.

In-House Marketing

WKYC Studios’ marketing borrows a page out of Steve Jobs’s playbook for Apple: Don’t talk about the product. Instead, our work focus on authenticity, storytelling, and heart.

These are a selection of ads produced by WKYC Studios’ in-house creative team during our brand evolution. These spots appear on television, on OTT, and as digital ads.

Our team’s work, including some of what you will see below, is routinely receives recognition on regional and national stages, including Emmy, Promax, and Telly awards.


Stories Bring Us Together