WKYC Brand Evolution

In September 2019, WKYC launched an innovative brand strategy for local television news and entertainment programming built around the modern consumer.

In February 2022, WKYC put its mission into words.

“What Matters Most” is more than a new brand positioning statement. It’s our commitment to coverage, advocacy, and listening to and serving our audience.

I wrote and produced the spot featured above, which became our brand manifesto: What Matters Most is not for us to say. It’s for us to share.

What Matters Most is different for everyone.

Sometimes, What Matters Most is enough to compel change.
For yourself. Your family. Your career. Your health.

What Matters Most is recognizing real problems,
and showing practical solutions.

What Matters Most is shared.
The thrill of a win. The power of truth. The beauty of love.

What Matters Most is not for us to say.
It’s for us to share.