IMG_6561Howdy! My name is David Hrvatin.

I am the Performance Marketing Manager at WKYC Studios at TEGNA Media’s WKYC Studios in Cleveland. I understand, and I am fascinated by, the power of brand.

I UNDERSTAND the power of brand

I have a love for new media and a respect for traditional media. As a recognized “brand champion” and highly-skilled creative generalist, I love to create, tell stories, and help others share their own. My heart and mind are found in everything I create.


I have a passion for new media and respect for traditional media

My passions include video production and editing, graphic and motion design, copywriting, and marketing strategy. My creative work began as a hobby and became my profession. I am grateful to call myself an Emmy winner, PROMAX-nominated creative, and my original work is routinely nominated for Emmy and other awards.

To me, creativity is more than executing a vision. Structure is just as important. I organize creative teams by building applications from scratch, including DAMs (Digital Asset Managers), photo-video libraries, project workflow tracking, and brand intranets. These centralized solutions help my teammates easily access essentials, as well as provide other departments, clients, and vendors to essential, approved brand assets.

I graduated cum laude from Kent State University in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in News with a broadcast concentration. In June 2014, I joined WKYC as a digital content producer. Today, I lead the station’s digital marketing efforts. I also I produce brand, news, sales, and event creative for every media platform.


Creativity is not my day job, it is my life. When I was 3-years-old, I wanted to be an architect. I was drawn to the idea that an idea can begin in your head and come out as a tangible product. Obviously architecture did not pan out, but that interest is still very much alive and is visible in other ways. I like to call myself a “professional amateur DIY-er.” Much like Ron Swanson from “Parks & Recreation,” I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with doing something yourself.

Oh, and it’s pronounced “HERV-uh-tin.”