Retro Streaming Promo

WKYC brings back “Turn to 3”! Well, kind of. Our archive editor guru digitized this classic and beloved 1984 WKYC campaign to help me promote our streaming newscasts.

Feel the nostalgia and get that catchy jingle stuck in your head: “Turn to 3″… on streaming!

In addition to digitizing this classic “Turn to 3” spot for use in this promo, we digitized multiple archive reels from the 1980s. As a side project, I am remastering and cataloging decades of our promos to build a digital marketing archive.

Software: Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audition
Music: “Nothing Can Get In My Way” by Music House 2.0 (FirstCom) (featuring “Turn to 3” by Frank Gari)
Voice: Brian Lee