TV2 KSU Brand 2013

Brand is not just for the “big kids.”

I created and executed a national award-winning rebrand for Kent State’s student-led TV station, TV2. In this 10-month redesign process, my goal was to establish a master brand for TV2 that was memorable to both the eye and the ear. Another goal of the rebrand was to create a respect for student television using clean graphics, powerful music and a mature voice.

TV2 needed a brand that reflected its position as a student television power-house that develops the journalists of tomorrow. The students do amazing work, but we couldn’t rely on content alone. The station needed to be appealing at a glance. It needed to capture the interest of prospective students and their parents. Moreover, it supplements a graduating student’s demo reel. Much as a well-structured résumé stands out on the desk of an employer, TV2’s brand, when paired with a talented young journalist, is a recipe for success.

TV2’s brand is much more than a slogan and graphics, content selection or writing style. It is a powerful recruiting tool.

One year prior, I introduced the slogan “Truly Portage County.” It’s really a 3-word mission statement. Available on local cable, TV2 is the only television station available in Portage County that has — well — truly local news. This pride of place was nothing new; TV2 has a long history of producing newscasts, local high school sports, and election coverage. Too many TV station tag lines are bland and self-centered. Bringing our community into our slogan was a must to affirm our commitment.

Graphics began as mockups in Photoshop and then animated using Cinema 4D and After Effects. The overall look evolved through revisions made based on input from station staff and advisors.

Animations were built for air in Chyron Lyric and later rebuilt in Ross XPression. Most of the graphics are macro-driven to allow each graphic to “think for itself.”

I was fortunate to have the resources of a top-10 TV station and production house. We weren’t making a fancy PowerPoint. We meant business.

Music: Aerial News & Branding Package by Stephen Arnold Music
Voice: Virgil Dominic
Software: Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud – After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, MAXON Cinema 4D, ChyronHego Lyric (broadcast play-out)

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