I’m currently working on my five-year plan. You should, too

I’ve written about how transformative a two-week senior experience was for me. From it, I developed a loose ten-year plan for myself that, more or less, took me to where I am today, both professionally and personally. I appreciate my past self for doing so.

Much like 2010, this year has already been a pivotal one for my life. Amid all the craziness, I felt I owed it to myself — and my future self — to take a step back, honestly evaluate, and plan. The next five years will be an adventure, so I figured I’d map it out. Only this time, I’m making a nifty booklet. Because I’m extra.

If you are a young professional, or really anyone looking to reach personal or professional goals, you owe it to yourself to write it all down. Hold yourself accountable, and smile when you’ve worked hard to reach them.