Daniel J. Hrvatin (1934-2020)

Farewell to a man whose larger-than-life story is like something out of a Hollywood writer’s room. A man who never knew the meaning of “a bad hair day.”

My one degree of separation from the most influential figures of the mid-20th century, including MLK. The man who told Nixon “No” (when he tried to control a photo opportunity) and the man who “took on” Muhammad Ali (by accidentally running into him in a hallway) and, my 9-year-old favorite, “Barnacle Boy” a.k.a. Tim Conway. Dad’s stories of the golden age of television never ceased to amaze, though he did like to embellish.

A creative content visionary and brilliant producer of television and video, he made a name for himself as a producer-director at KYW-TV (now WKYC-TV), WJW-TV and went on to have a successful career in corporate communications, first at Eaton Corporation and finally at American Greetings. It is by coincidence that my professional path closely follows his, and he could not have been prouder. I was fortunate to work with some of the same people he did, and Dad was fortunate they were able to validate his stories!

Though cancer ultimately dropped the curtain on this talented singer and creative video production pioneer, your work and legacy live on. Though the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic made it impossible to hold immediate services, we look forward to celebrating his life in the manner he deserves. It was said that, under normal circumstances, the whole town would show up and then some.

Ever the producer, my dad wrote his own obituary some time ago.

Natalie and I will miss you and Mom at the wedding.